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  • Who I AM....now

    Organic, Diverse, Messy, Innocent, Disturbing, Reverent, non linear and ever changing experience of WHO I AM... I AM ALWAYS Chasing LIFE!!! Where is that "Living Edge"? Where is the uncomfortable and uncertain EDGE of what seems outrageous?

    Mandy Sandbach

    I AM an Ally, student and Lover of SOIL

    I AM the Teeming with LIFE, Rich, Moist, decomposing, fertility found in your COMPOST pile

    I AM a living expression of Gaia (mother earth)

    I AM a SOUL who thrives on the Living Edge of a changing time

    I AM a WILD fungal midwife of the biodiversity required for a New human Story

    I AM Innocence that disturbs


    My passion and gift is tending to SOIL. SOIL as Sacred Organic Interconnected Life.


    This page is to capture my ongoing adventure of SOUL fully SOIL. I spent many years without a sense of how to best express permaculture as I "Do" it. I have experienced all kinds of permaculture design methods, practices and philosophies and none have felt fully ME. they haven't felt WHOLE.

    SOUL fully SOIL is more than a typical Permaculture service. It is a reflection of the gifts and abilities that I AM as an awakened visionary who knows herself to be an aspect of Gaia (mother earth). I look to her as the "expert" and Elder Carrying wisdom I could only hope to feel.

    My "business" model is based solely on who I AM and what I am lit up in doing. My passion and gift is growing SOIL. SOIL as Sacred Organic Interconnected Life.

    All LIFE on this planet is dependent upon the diversity and nonseparation of each part of an eco system. The more connections/relationships in the community, the stronger the eco system is. The more diverse and varied the kin of the eco system are, the more resilient and anti fragile the system is.


    SOIL is the most beautiful metaphor for how I see my world. All species living, thriving and depending closely on one another. These SOIL communities are Weaving an abundance, growth, and resiliency for each member when they embrace, foster and share their own unique gifts. An earth worm acts and does as an earthworm does. A Nematode act and does as a Nematode does. A butterfly, bacteria, fungi etc...When are you most lit up? What is your unique gift?


    I AM inviting you to look at the resiliency, growth, generation, and collaboration, with our original "mother", Gaia (Planet earth), thru a connected and sacred lens. When we see Gaia through a connected and non separate lens, we start to see patterns, behaviors, and strategies that become our gateways for transformation during these troubling times of disconnection.


    Everything that the "earth" is and does is perfect. There are NO exceptions to this. It is my belief that when I embrace SOIL as it is part of my own BEING, I act and create in alignment with my larger “role” or “purpose”. I am in my own authentic FLOW.


    I am here to experience and foster beautiful collaborative designs/communities/reciprocity that CONNECT both the land and the communities of people, trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, insects, birds, fungi, and animals who live on her. I hear the call to my personal WILD and to CONNECT the experience of GENERATIVE food systems, perpetual growth of SOIL, and the blossoming of the new biodiversity.


    I choose to act with her best interests at heart and those of my children's great great grandchildren. What kind of an ancestor will I be?

    Day to Day the "business" model for SOULfully SOIL will look different. I may plan and execute the building of a community garden, co-create a herb spiral/ yoga workshop, plant a food forest, upkeep a local food bank garden, travel to Hawaii to engage is sacred water ceremony, partake in a sweat lodge, host women's gatherings, collaborate on a call with the Eco System of Evolution, or choose to teach at the local food bank. Regardless of the task, the intention and underlying gift is SOUL fully SOIL. I am deeply present, mindful and engaging with others who are called to create a New World thru the expansion of SOIL (Sacred Organic Interconnected Life).


    Fuzzy "money" and "hours of operation" details..


    If you are called to collaborate or would like just a bit more clarity about what I will or won't "do", please feel free to connect with me at the bottom of the page. I understand that this may seem a little unclear and a-typical of other "business's" but I am willing to create, co-create, host, hold space for, engage in, consult with....anything that moves me.


    You will not find direct fees and a clear time table for hours of operation here... A moving changing force creates her own schedule and prices based on reciprocity. There will always be those who wish to "write a cheque" and that is wonderful, but I believe strongly in a gift economy and am looking for a deeper and more meaningful experience of "money". So, prices and fees will always vary depending on each individual experience and are ALWAYS open for honest and connected conversation.


    Some of what I have created in the past looks like this: Herb Spiral building, compost, mulching, water saving techniques, tea drying/blending workshops, permaculture as a way of BEing conversation, Becoming Gaia gatherings, Regeneration of SOUL and SOIL experience, full and New Moon Red Tents, Gluten and Dairy Free cooking classes, Fermenting, Clean eating and cleansing cooking classes, Canning and food preservation classes and community work B's


    So..Call me, email me, message me, Instagram me a picture, come to my home.....whatever....just connect soon.



    Mandy Sandbach

    a mother, partner, permaculturist, Student and lover of SOIL, colon hydro therapist, reflexologist, gardener, farmer, WILDER, supporter of community gardens and a-WAKE community


    Lands Acknowledgement for where I lay My head:


    OKI (Okhee)

    I Live on Traditional Blackfoot Land

    Original Peoples of this Land: Kainai, Piikani and Siksika

    The Siksikaitsitapi otherwise known as the Blackfoot Confederacy

    These lands are now known as Treaty 7 Territory or "Southern Alberta" This land has been gracious enough to allow my play and curiosity to be sustained and infused with LIFE and more REVERENCE.


    The Blackfoot peoples of these lands are the Original Caretakers. I owe a great debt to their sharing of land care, knowledge keeping, and language. My life is and will forever BE more richer and humble because of my relationships on and with the land and its original peoples.


  • Love Letters to Gaia Podcast and Writing

    This is the space where I host conversations and create content to inspire "a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible" (Charles Eisenstein) and where I send my deep Respect, Reverence and LOVE to our planet and all her kin. Knowing that I am not separate from her but rather made in her image and deeply interconnected with her every intelligence. Plants, Animals, Trees, Fungi, Microbes, Water, Wind, Fire, Earth and so much more. This is where I dance the elegant and messy human life I came here to experience.

  • Love Letters to Gaia photos & videos

    Here are the video and image offerings for my Love Letters to Gaia.


    " I welcome it as a transformation of magnitude. I welcome that spewing of myself into every aspect and corner of the life I am creating. I want the juicy, fertile bits of me to land and seed EVERYWHERE. This is my medicine. My contribution to Gaia and humankind."


    Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully SOIL

    The Joy of Decay Podcast

    Part 2 Feedback and Decentralizing power

     Moving and meandering through physical, scientific and spiritual terrains of thought, Tessa and Mandy dive into meaningful and relevant questions around feedback and de-centralized power as modelled to us by Gaia’s organic cycles and communicative mycelial networks. While Tessa weaves her experiences as a dance artist into the conversation, Mandy shares the wisdom she has gained through her practices of permaculture and colon hydrotherapy. Mandy speaks eloquently to what it means to live a life that actively acknowledges our deep entanglement with Earth as well as what else might be possible if our willingness to step into a deep-time, multi-generational mindset is encouraged and nurtured by our environments.

    “How can we de-centralize power to create multiple webs of connection? So that if a corner of our web gets chewed up, the rest of it is completely stabilized, completely abundant, completely thriving.” ~Mandy Sandbach


    Love Letters to Gaia Series

    Story, Myth and Reality

    SOIL: Sacred Organic Interconnected Life (Picture Taken by Raina Mcdonald)

    I came here in this lifetime to play in the SOIL... Smell the earth and hear the call back to mySELF.. There is something special that happens in the SOIL. We get to remember our deep, nourishing and potent relationship to the world around us. The health and well being of the SOIL dictates that of our own.

    Mandy, Naomi and Deborah from Becoming Gaia part 1 

     This audio clip is one of 7 in a series created by Deborah Gleason, Mandy Sandbach and Naomi Irons. Part 1

    Mandy, Naomi and Deborah from Becoming Gaia part 2

    This audio clip is one of 7 in a series created by Deborah Gleason, Mandy Sandbach and Naomi Irons. Part 2

    Mandy, Naomi and Deborah from Becoming Gaia part 3

    This audio clip is one of 7 in a series created by Deborah Gleason, Mandy Sandbach and Naomi Irons. Part 3

    The Joy of Decay Podcast

    From Root To Rot Part 1


    Welcome to the first episode in the The Joy of Decay podcast series!

    We invite you to join Tessa Rae in conversation with Mandy Sandbach as they discuss their personal journeys with the Ecosystem of Evolution and the vital contribution decay offers both our human and other-than-human living systems.

  • Village Buzz

    Locally and Globally hosted Events, workshops, gatherings, tours, perma BLITZ's, webinars and general PLAY can be found here...

    Fermenting Basics 101

    Join Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully SOIL and The Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association in the Interfaith Food Bank Community Kitchen on Tuesday October 25th, 2022, starting at 6 pm

    The LSLA and Interfaith Food Bank will be hosting Mandy Sandbach of SOULFully SOIL in the Fermenting Basics of making your own Sauerkraut.


    This hands-on community inspired workshop will offer participants the opportunity to create their own DIY Kraut. Participants will learn the basic recipe, do's and dont's of basic fermenting. Do you want to use your full harvest but are running out of space on your shelves, freezers and fridges? Perhaps the age-old practice of fermenting is one way to increase your food security. Teeming with delicious healthful biology, this fermenting practice will offer participants a sense of wellbeing and empowerment in learning to safely store their own food.


    Each participant will go home with their own jar of kraut made hands on in the community kitchen. There is a registration limit for these classes and will fill fast.


    To register, you can call the interfaith food bank at 403-320-8779



    New Moon Gathering Eco System of Evolution

    February 21, March 21

    ** Photo credit to Mark Sander Photography

    Your invitation from Nancy Hanlon

    My intention for these New Moon gatherings is an honoring and celebration of Life, Water, the Moon, Community and the many cycles of BEING. The invitation for these Gatherings is to show up, rest and be in the emergence of your own discoveries in the good company of others doing the same.

    Suggested donation of $10 per gathering.

    Upcoming Gatherings

    6pm EST, 7pm Atlantic

    Email Nancy to Register 

    Community Creations 2023

    Are on Pause for 2023... Hoping to Birth new offerings when I land in Nova Scotia this fall.

     Join Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully SOIL in a Sunday Community Creations afternoon.


    We all seem to be feeling the separation 2020 has created. It is tough to find activities that feel empowering and important. Join Mandy Sandbach for the Sunday Community Creations : Elderberry Syrup and other immune support


    Mandy will “drop safe” all of the ingredients you will require to participate in an online knowledge sharing opportunity. We will each use these local ingredients to create luscious and healthy supportive foods/medicines togetherish.....


    Each participant will receive a care package with all necessary ingredients and instructions to make the weekly Community creation.

    We will make it together online on Sundays 1 pm. Each event will run about an hour depending on questions.



    ** other classes this spring will include**

    Culinary Herb Blended Salts

    How to make your own Kombucha

    DIY household cleaners

    Ginger bug Ferment and Soda making

    DIY homemade Salve making


    At home Kimchi


    There is only 10 seats per class so be sure to register soon.


    Fees for this workshop are. $40 per person and can be done by email transfer to soulfullysoil@gmail.com or on the website at the time of registration

  • Most inspiring media

    This is a running log of those videos and pictures I experience and inspires me. Enjoy!

         #46 | Rewilding The Fungal Gods - Sophie Strand (The Flowering Wand)


    My guest today is Sophie Strand, a writer who focuses on the intersection of spirituality, storytelling, and ecology. Though she admits, it would be more accurate to call her a neo-troubadour animist with a propensity to spin yarns that inevitably turn into love stories.

    I first encountered her work on social media, reading her surprising and beautiful essays from her forthcoming book: The Flowering Wand: Lunar Kings, Lichenized Lovers, Transpecies Magicians, and Rhizomatic Harpists Heal the Masculine.

    In our conversation today, we explore the connection between mycelium and myth, and how various gods from Jesus to Dionysus, can be seen more clearly as related to specific ecosystems and specific times. Sophie makes the case to dissolve toxic masculinity by dispersing it within a chorus of diversity, and why the Hero’s Journey would benefit from a little intentional pruning.

    And finally, we unpack the wild nature of emergent systems, and how wedding our wounds to the wounds of the earth could invite a kaleidoscopic empathy for an ecocentric activism rooted in participation, not salvation.


    #46 | Rewilding The Fungal Gods - Sophie Strand (The Flowering Wand) — The Mythic Masculine




      The ROOT CAUSE Of Disease & How To PREVENT IT! | Zach Bush

    Dr. Zach Bush doesn't keep his ideas in a neat ideological box. Instead, paints a sweeping picture of our interconnected world — one in which topics such as regenerative farming, bio-engineering, government policy, and the human microbiome are all intimately linked. And while he candidly points out missteps at many levels, he also offers a hopeful vision for humanity. To sign up for Dr. Zach Bush's upcoming Commune course, go to: https://www.onecommune.com/life


    And the Music Played the Band A mini Documentary

    By Ben Joseph Stewart



     The Pandemic Is A Prism with STEPHEN JENKINSON


    A weekly live series inviting a mythopoetic bridge between divided worldviews. In the interest of value to the wider public, Zamir and I have decided to release the full episode. You can support the ongoing series here http://agatheringofstories.com/pandemic

    The Poetry of Predicament with Dean Spillane-Walker and Mandy Sandbach

    Deep Authenticity and Transformative Parenting


    Mandy is back (having spoken with us just a month ago) to share her experience of bringing transformative and internally referent life-skills to her to her home life and her parenting. This interview is a perfect fit here, in the Poetry of Predicament... and, just as valuable in our special-focus sister podcast, Take My Hand: Conscious Parenting in a time of stolen dreams. This is a special offering in our Living Resilience programs page, Deep Academy


    Dean Spillane - Walker safecircle@gmail.com https://livingresilience.net​ Podcast: The Poetry of Predicament (YouTube channel) Deep Academy Online Learning Safe Circle Support Dean’s Coaching / Guidance Practice as described in his Deep Adaptation Forum listing. https://guidance.deepadaptation.info/...

        Becoming a Ruin: Decomposing and Regrowing the Mythic with Sophie Strand The Emerald


    Sophie Strand describes herself as a writer, an animist troubadour, and a giant pile of composting leaves. Her lyrical, eco-centric vision of the mythic has gained her a wide following, as she blasts monomyths wide open into swarms of glittering spores. With essays entitled 'My Saint is a Weed,' 'Confessions of a Compost Heap,' and 'Becoming a Ruin,' Sophie's work brings the mythic into the tangible, helps myths regain their body, and places stories deep in the middle of a living ecosystem of time, place, and specificity. In this episode, Josh and Sophie discuss her model of looking at stories through the triple lens of Myco Eco Mytho, and then go on a rhizomatic conversational journey into kingdoms of astonishment, Orphic root systems, flowering wands, and visions of how to give the Gods back their bodies.

    Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/theemeraldpodcast)

    ‎The Emerald: Becoming a Ruin: Decomposing and Regrowing the Mythic with Sophie Strand on Apple Podcasts


    The Poetry of Predicament with Dean Spillane-Walker and Mandy Sandbach

    Strong transformative practices - Deeper Presence in the Face of Stress.


    Another in our ongoing series of talks with advanced practitioners in transformative methods of: Self Regulation, Co-Regulation, Resilience and embodied discernment of moment by moment of truth, integrity and radical aliveness.


    Dean Spillane - Walker safecircle@gmail.com https://livingresilience.net​ Podcast: The Poetry of Predicament (YouTube channel) Deep Academy Online Learning Safe Circle Support Dean’s Coaching / Guidance Practice as described in his Deep Adaptation Forum listing. https://guidance.deepadaptation.info/...

    Our story of POOP!

    Gina Primavera and Mandy Sandbach delve deep deep into the world of POOP! Yup, I said it.... Gina ( a Poop coach) and Mandy a Poop supporter..... chat all things bowels. How they work , how they relate to our health and well being...how they are metaphors for the realities that we are creating for ourSELVES!



         Tyson Yunkaporta on Pattern, Kinship, and Story in a World of Decontextualized Minds The Emerald


    In his book Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World, author, teacher, artist and Apalech clan member Tyson Yunkaporta presents a model of five minds — kinship mind, story mind, ancestor mind, pattern mind, and dreaming mind — that together form a way of seeing, knowing, and interacting with the world in a relational context. This episode looks at the rampant fragmentation in the modern world — which impacts everything from spiritual movements to transhumanist science to conspiratorial worldviews to progressive discourse — through the lens of these five minds. From Aboriginal rain rituals to QAnon pattern-seekers, from sorcery and curses to alternative communication models, this vibrant and polytropic discussion between Tyson and Josh explores what context means in a fragmented world, and how to truly find it requires seeing beyond obvious dichotomies into deeper layers of connectivity.

    Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/theemeraldpodcast)


    ‎The Emerald: Tyson Yunkaporta on Pattern, Kinship, and Story in a World of Decontextualized Minds on Apple Podcasts


    Living the Gift

    Kathy Knowles and Mandy Sandbach have a clear and sacred discussion about how we are living and learning to BE the gift in our own worlds. We are redefining abundance, giving, receiving and in the process discovering that "better world our hearts know is possible"


       Zach Bush MD: The Virome Webinar Replay

     There has never been a more important time in history to understand the difference between the virome and the microbiome for us all to change our perspective on the virome. Watch the latest release with Dr. Zach Bush and Dr. Peter Cummings as part of the Global Health Education Initiative.

          The Pandemic As a Prism play list from A Gathering of Stories

  • So.....What do I do and who do I play with?


    These are Some of the folks you may find me in collaboration and creating LIFE with.

    Eco System of Evolution

     Our framework for living is simple: We create meaning in our lives by becoming deeply familiar with our inner states of being, and we often turn to Gaia as a role model for evolving, loving, embracing and letting go. Breathing is a key component of our framework, as are powerful conversations held in sacred sisterhood with the intention of exploring greater self-intimacy.


    Many women who have spent time exploring their inner landscapes are familiar with the phenomenon of falling back into old patterns — of living habitually rather than intentionally, especially when life gets busy and the external world seems impossible.


    The Ecosystem of Evolution offers a different way of living, one that is grounded in the notion that our bodies are exquisite expressions of life, and that we can source inspiration and personal transformation from other expressions of life on earth — from Gaia.


    If you have gone as far as you can within your human story — excavated it, recycled it, raged against it, become complicit within it, all of it in hopes of finding the more majestic expression of yourself that you sense inside — then this ecosystem is for you.


    If you’ve found pieces of your majesty trapped deep in the underbelly of your human story but never found the space to fully become and live it — then this ecosystem is for you.


    If you are ready to leap like your life depends on it, to enter the naturally expansive story of Gaia — welcome to the Ecosystem of Evolution.



    R&R handmade

    Raina Mcdonald and Ruben Irons, Collaboration as a way of being

    We are Raina + Ruben. We met as deckhands on a tall ship bound for Antarctica, returned to Canadian soil after our high sea adventure and began weaving together a life and family in the backwoods of Nova Scotia. Here we share our journey of creative, intentional living – connected to the land, our food, our art and a vibrant, evolving community. Thanks for stopping in. A warm welcome to you!

     Be Yourself and tell your truth

     Naomi Irons is a Professional Massage Therapist, Birth Doula, Certified Yoga Instructor and CODE Model Coach

    She is based out of beautiful Hawaii, where she loves to nurture and be nurtured by ideas, space for healing, art, curiosity, experiences with others, nature, raising kids and much much more. She left behind a routine lifestyle to create a Life of learning and meaningful experiences with her family and community that looks different each and every day.

    Her fascination and passion for wellness began in her Massage Therapy training and continued as she pursued her yoga and doula certification. Needing to put more of the pieces together for herself and her clients, Naomi began her own journey home to her authentic self through the paradigm altering WEL-Systems Institute® where she became a CODE Model Coach, a guide and catalyst for intimate and meaningful personal growth.

    Naomi’s background is vast and pieces together a mind, body and spirit connection through a rich tapestry of education and life experiences. Some messy, some graceful, they have all lead to greater self-wisdom and knowing, that can be invited in others in life enhancing ways. A journey that never ends, it only seems to get bigger and more joyous by the day.


    Bobbi Farrell of Healing Evolution

     Goddess Inc is a grassroots healing journey within. You will be guided back towards Self. Offering Red Tents, Reiki, Transformational Healing and internally referenced living and more.

    Healing Evolution is about Bobbi's journey and her vocation. You will be guided back towards Self. She offers Transformational Healing (Reiki, Shamanism, Thermography and Lifestyle Prescriptions®), internally referenced living, community gatherings and more.

    Wel-Systems Intitute

    Lives transforming, Worlds emerging

    The WEL-Systems Institute is at the core of an evolving global collective; built on the strength of the individuality of its participants and a desire to further evolve in the company of others on a similar journey of discovery.

    When we created WEL-Systems® in 1990, we had no idea how quickly it would grow and evolve; and how profoundly people's lives would be renewed, enriched and revitalized because of it. Today, we are pleased and honored to know that we are leaders in the global movement for human evolution with the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge as the preferred gateway for the acceleration longed for and required in our world, at this time

    The WEL-Systems body of knowledge is a startlingly powerful and compelling invitation to become a living expression of the transformation yearned for, by so many.

    Nancy Hanlon

    Movement as a way of Being

    Nancy wakes each day knowing herself as a visionary choosing to invite and allow the Alchemy required for the Great Shift in Humanity. She lives fully in her authenticity, unbound passion, and love of life

    Eat from LOVE and LOVE what you Eat

     The joy I feel when I realize that my daily choices have no negative impact on animals, a reduced impact on the earth and a dramatically positive impact on my body. I’ve written and published two vegan cookbooks and a number of virtual products that can empower you on your own journey into clean plant-based living.

    The years have flown by — filled with cooking classes, group coaching programs and corporate workshops — and every second has been a true joy. Now I also find joy and meaning in designing and running programs for women, creating opportunities for them to explore their personal evolution.

    When I am not working with amazing human beings or creating delicious new things in the kitchen, I am out hiking the beautiful trails of British Columbia.

    Tessa Rae

    Meeting you where spirit touches Tissue, Come dance with me!


    I AM Tessa Rae, an artist, evolutionary, and devotee/Lover Of The ONE


    I love to dance.


    I care deeply about my Beloved.


    I am inspired by conversations that engage expansive frameworks for Transformation & Self-Realization.


    I believe in the body as a quantum device that appears in-form to aid us in the next levels of evolution.


    I most enjoy riding the waves of Passion and Alive-ness as they meet me in my experiencing here on planet Earth. oh! and almond-milk cappuccinos, I enjoy those too!


    If you would like to learn more about me, my journey, Biography, CV, or Dance/Teaching offerings,

    please use the yellow tab on the right to send me a message.


    I look forward to connecting with you.


  • Books, Essays, and written works

    This is the section where I share what I am reading and inspired by...I suspect this space will be vast in its content and diverse in its thought.

    Smoke Hole

    Looking to the Wild in the Time of the Spyglass

    Martin Shaw

    “With potent, lyrical language and a profound knowledge of storytelling, Shaw encourages and illuminates the mythic in our own lives. He is a modern-day bard.” – Madeline Miller, author of Circe and The Song of Achilles

    At a time when we are all confronted by not one, but many crossroads in our modern lives—identity, technology, trust, politics, and a global pandemic—celebrated mythologist and wilderness guide Martin Shaw delivers Smoke Hole: three metaphors to help us understand our world, one that is assailed by the seductive promises of social media and shadowed by a health crisis that has brought loneliness and isolation to an all-time high.

    Smoke Hole is a passionate call to arms and an invitation to use these stories to face the complexities of contemporary life, from fake news, parenthood, climate crises, addictive technology and more. Shaw urges us to reclaim our imagination and untangle ourselves from modern menace, letting these tales be our guide.

    Essays By Sophie Strand

    AS the same with Charles and his writing...Sophie has been my newest and most invitational author and creative. Her words feel like the love letters to Gaia that I has been wanting to roll around and imbue the world with. Her writing and podcasts on "Ecos, Mythos, and mycos" has blown my MIND!


    bySandor Ellix Katz

    "The bible for the D.I.Y set: detailed instructions for how to make your own sauerkraut, beer, yogurt and pretty much everything involving microorganisms."--The New York Times

    The original guide to kraut, kombucha, kimchi, kefir, and kvass; mead, wine, and cider; pickles and relishes; tempeh, koji, miso, sourdough and so much more…!

    Winner of the James Beard Foundation Book Award for Reference and Scholarship, and a New York Times bestseller, with more than a quarter million copies sold, The Art of Fermentation is the most comprehensive guide to do-it-yourself home fermentation ever published. Sandor Katz presents the concepts and processes behind fermentation in ways that are simple enough to guide a reader through their first experience making sauerkraut or yogurt, and in-depth enough to provide greater understanding and insight for experienced practitioners.

    While Katz expertly contextualizes fermentation in terms of biological and cultural evolution, health and nutrition, and even economics, this is primarily a compendium of practical information—how the processes work; parameters for safety; techniques for effective preservation; troubleshooting; and more.

    With two-color illustrations and extended resources, this book provides essential wisdom for cooks, homesteaders, farmers, gleaners, foragers, and food lovers of any kind who want to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for arguably the oldest form of food preservation, and part of the roots of culture itself.

    Readers will find detailed information on fermenting vegetables; sugars into alcohol (meads, wines, and ciders); sour tonic beverages; milk; grains and starchy tubers; beers (and other grain-based alcoholic beverages); beans; seeds; nuts; fish; meat; and eggs, as well as growing mold cultures, using fermentation in agriculture, art, and energy production, and considerations for commercial enterprises. Sandor Katz has introduced what will undoubtedly remain a classic in food literature, and is the first—and only—of its kind.

    Essays By Charles Eisenstein

    There are too many from this list for me to narrow down as the most or relevant for me in my world right now. I invite you to peruse his youtube channel, below or his website list of essays above. Too profound for me to limit.

  • Is Blogcast a word?

    My playground of thought, growth, expansion and AGITATION.Sometimes its a BLOG and sometimes its a PODCAST.

  • Connect With me

    Here are a few of the places you can find me. Please note that I have made the leap off of the traditional Social Media. The legacy of the last 20 months has been for me a recognition of a long dormant desire to practice more in the moment and in person. In my attempt to create the " New world", I am letting go of a need to be seen in all platforms virtually. Please feel free to email, call, or add yourself to my newsletter below.

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