• SOUL-fully SOIL

  • Who I AM....now

    Organic, non linear and ever changing experience of WHO I AM...

    Mandy Sandbach

    I AM a steward and Lover of

    SOIL: Sacred Organic Interconnected Life

    I AM a living expression of Permaculture

    I AM a Visionary and edge worker

    I AM a WILD midwife of diversity for the New humanity


    This page is to launch my new adventure of SOUL fully SOIL. I have spent the last two years without a sense of how to best express permaculture as I "Do" it. I have experienced all kinds of permaculture design methods, practices and philosophies and none have felt fully ME.

    SOUL fully SOIL is more than a typical Permaculture service. It is a reflection of the gifts and abilities that I AM as an awakened visionary who knows herself to be an aspect of Gaia (mother earth).

    My "business" model is based solely on who I AM and what I am lit up in doing. My passion and gift is growing SOIL. SOIL as Sacred Organic Interconnected Life.

    All LIFE on this planet is dependant upon the diversity and non separation of each part of an eco system. The more connections, the stronger the eco system is. The more diverse and varied the occupants of the eco system are, the more resilient and anti fragile the system is.

    SOIL is the most beautiful metaphor for how I see my world. All species living and thriving with each other closely. There is abundance, growth and resiliency for everyone when we each embrace and foster our own unique skills and passions. An earth worm acts and does as an earthworm does. A Nematode acts and does as a Nematode does. A butterfly, bacteria, fungi etc...When are you most lit up?

    SOUL fully SOIL is an invitation to look at the resiliency, growth, regeneration, and collaboration, with our original "mother", Gaia (Planet earth), with a connected and sacred lens. When we see Gaia through a connected and non separate lens, we start to see patterns, behaviours, and strategies that become our answers for these troubling times and environmental issues.

    Everything that the "earth" is and does is perfect. There are NO exceptions to this. It is my belief that when I embrace the SOIL as it is part of my own BEING, I act with her best interests at heart and this offers the three basic "rules" of permaculture: earth care, people care, fair share.

    I am here to create beautiful collaborative designs that Re connect both the land and the communities of people/species who live on it. I am the invitation for potent, necessary conversation and exploration around Urban Farming, reciprocal use of resources, and the renewal of ancient wisdom and accelerated consciousness. I hear the call to Re-wild and re-connect the experience of regenerative food systems, perpetual growth of SOIL, and the blossoming of diversity.

    Day to Day this "business" model will look different. I may plan and execute the building of a community garden, co-create a herb spiral/ yoga workshop, plant a food forrest, upkeep a local food bank garden, travel to Hawaii to engage is sacred water ceremony, partake in a sweat lodge, host women's gatherings, collaborate on a Skype call with the Rural Consciousness Project, or choose to garden with my neighbours. Regardless of the task, the intention and underlying gift is SOUL fully SOIL. I am present, mindful and engaging with others who are called to create a New World thru the expansion of SOIL ( Sacred Organic Interconnected Life).

    Fuzzy "money" and "hours of operation" details..


    If you are called to collaborate or would like just a bit more clarity about what I will or won't "do", please feel free to connect with me at the bottom of the page. I understand that this may seem a little unclear and a-typical of other "business's" but I am willing to create, co-create, host, hold space for, engage in, consult with....anything that moves me.


    You will not find direct fees and a clear time table for hours of operation here... A moving changing force creates her own schedule and prices based on reciprocity. There will always be those who wish to "write a cheque" and that is wonderful, but I believe strongly in a gift economy and am looking for a deeper and more meaningful experience of "money". So, prices and fees will always vary depending on each individual experience and are ALWAYS open for honest and connected conversation.


    Some of what I have created in the past looks like this: Herb Spiral building, compost, mulching, water saving techniques, tea drying/blending workshops, permaculture as a way of BEing conversation, renaissance women, Rural Consciousness Project gatherings, Regeneration of SOUL and SOIL experience, full and New Moon Red Tents, Gluten and Dairy Free cooking classes, Clean eating and cleansing cooking classes, Canning and food preservation classes and community work B's


    So..Call me, email me, message me, instagram me a picture, come to my home.....whatever....just connect soon.



    Mandy Sandbach

    a mother, partner, permaculturist, Steward and lover of SOIL, colon hydrotherapist, reflexologist, gardener,farmer, Re WILDER, supporter of community gardens and awakened community

  • A Year to BE SOULfully Sustainable

    June 2018-May 2019 We will gather together and create community as we explore and redefine notions of SUSTAINABILITY . We will traverse topics like growing your own food, medicine making, zero waste, food preservation, Tea making, herb drying, Fermentation, composting, alternative ground cover and soil building, creation of healthy pollinator/bird friendly ecosystems, seed saving, appropriate water reduction strategies, home energy audits and an overall more mindful and connected experience of sustainability.

    This year long journey is underway with an incredible group of women very committed to their own evolution and journey of sustainablitily. If you are still interested in joining us, please be sure to contact Mandy at soulfullysoil@gmail.com


    We will be gathering and creating community once per Month to explore a life lived more sustainably. Each month we will explore deeper into how we can express a more SOULfully sustainable way of being.


    We will Play around and re-define notions of sustainability and how they are meaningfully engaged in our own unique lives. This experience is for you if you understand that techniques and skills only take us so far on this journey. Equally important, is the paradigm in which we choose to live and know ourselves in relation to our environment. “Sustainability” is a mindset it is a choice.”Permaculture “ Is an opportunity to look at our lives as a whole and evaluate, choose and execute based on a larger intention. Earth care, people care, fair share/future care and transition.


    We will dance between the world of Intuitive Permaculture And a complete look at “sustainability”. This experience will be a SOULfull and mindful Look, feel and exploration of our own lives in relation to how sustainable or not they are. This exploration will be as open, honest and whole as anything else you have ever experienced. The potency of intentionally looking At our lives and what could make it more resilient, reciprocal and connected… Is enough to change your life. Yes we will discuss growing food, yes we will discuss how to reduce our footprint on the earth, yes we’ll we’ll discuss how to ferment, compost, build soil… etc....But what we will discover is the essence of who we are within these skills, ideas and notions.


    At the end of this 12 month period, you will have a better sense of What sustainability is and looks like in your own life… You will have gained every day, hands on, and applicable knowledge in the areas of, but not limited to, growing your own food, medicine making, zero waste, food preservation, Tea making, herb drying, Fermentation, composting, alternative ground cover and soil building, creation of healthy pollinator/bird friendly ecosystems, seed saving, appropriate water reduction strategies, home energy audits and an overall more mindful and connected experience of sustainability.

    To register for this experience, e transfer Mandy Sandbach at soulfullysoil@gmail.com or 403-894-4711 to arrange other payments. You can find Mandy on Facebook/instagram at SOUL fully SOIL or on the web at https://www.soulfullysoil.ca

  • Village Buzz

    Locally and Globally hosted Events, workshops, gatherings, perma BLITZ's, webinars, videos and general PLAY can be found here...

    SOULfully SUSTAINable Knowledge Share

    How to Make/Do your own:

    SOUL fully SOIL and Purple Carrot Health Foods and Wellness Inc. are excited to bring you a monthly exploration of workshops tailored to your journey into Sustainabilty, Self Sufficiency and DIY handmade life.

    We will be exploring ways to make our impact and lifestyles more sustainable and healthy. We will explore ideas, concepts and skills that build our knowledge of health and the body and how it relates to our local environment and food. We will learn the "how to's" and work with our local economy and eco system to create homeade ferments, infusions, oils, immune support and much more...

    Becoming "sustainable" or more self sufficient does not happen overnight. Our grandmas and Aunties used some of these skills and knowledge to support their own families and these skills have simply not been passed on as they used to be. It is time to re AWAKEN this wisdom and infuse it in to our modern lifestyle. Come and play with us as we explore some simple, profound skills and knowledge to empower nourishing change.

    All workshops are a pay what you can with $20 suggested gifting. You can pay cash on the day or in person at the Purple Carrot with visa/mc/debit

    Registration is a must for the classes as there is limited space. You can register by emailing soulfullysoil@gmail.com or by calling Mandy at 403-894-4711

    SOULfully Sustainable Radio Show

    Mondays 11 am on Jess FM

    Lethbridge's First Sustainably focussed Radio Show. I will be in studio each Monday playing around in the world of "Sustainability" and regeneration.


    I will look at Local initiatives, people, organizations and businesses right here in Southern Alberta and how they are moving towards a more sustainable future. I will invite those folks doing amazing things here in Lethbridge to come and share their "expertise" and passion to inspire, educate and connect.


    Each week we will take a Mindful and SOULfull look at our world and our role in it. How we can create more meaningful relationships, business, organizations and communities. Inclusive of, but beyond only "sustainable techniques" we will focus on the journeys to create a regenerative world.


    Be sure to download the app for JessFM or stream live.


    If you have something to add to the show or are creating amazing sustainable traction here in Southern Alberta, please be sure to connect with me directly soulfullysoil@gmail.com

  • SOULfully Mark and Mandy

    So often I find my greatest teacher in the bed next to me or cleaning the chicken coop or slinging manure with me in the garden. His name is Mark...my chosen partner and the one that I walk next to in the crazy reality. We are always in the "thick of it" and always willing to stay with it in the most real and authentic way. Here is our gift to you.......our complete uncertainty and unknowing of what we are doing!!

    September 3rd, 2018

    Mandy Sandbach and Mark Sander are chatting today About grief, transition, change and the impact of these experiences and who we are becoming as parents… Partners… Humans.
    SOULfully sustainable radio show.

    April 2nd, 2018

    Mark Sander and Mandy Sandbach chatting about sustainable “change”.

  • Regeneration of SOUL and SOIL

    This section is the SACRED and INTIMATE space where Mandy and Raina explore and share in community their adventures in this luscious healing space called EARTH.

    Braiding Sweet Grass

    “Ceremonies large and small have the power to focus attention to a way of living awake in the world. Ceremony is a vehicle for belonging to Family, to a people, and to the land. That, I think, is the power of ceremony it marries the mundane with the sacred. “ Robin Wall Kimmerer

    Please join Raina and Mandy this coming winter in a lyrical healing and journey through the ceremony of Braiding Sweetgrass.

    Our offering.......

    We will gather online for 3 scheduled dates of Sunday February 18th, February 25th and March 4th. Each call will begin at @ 2 pm AST, 11 am MST, 10 am PST, 8 am Hawaii


    A Private Facebook Group for 24 hour per day exploration, sharing and access is provided as part of this spacious experience


    To register, contact Mandy by February 4th soulfullysoil@gmail.com


    The Reciprocity.....


    In return for this journey, We ask a suggested gifting of $80.00 Canadian

    email transfer can be sent to soulfullysoil@gmail.com


    ***All participants will order or purchase their own private copy of the book through their chosen method.***



    Mandy's invitation

    “It was through her actions of reciprocity, the give and take with the land, that the original immigrant became indigenous. For all of us, becoming indigenous to a place means living as if your children’s future mattered, to take care of the land as if our lives, both material and spiritual, depended on it.” Robin Wall Kimmerer

    As we traverse through this time of reconciliation and coming to integrate our past, no matter how Traumatic… We must re-envision, redefine and re-create our relationship to the land and all indigenous peoples. Braiding Sweetgrass is a beautiful journey of a deeper connection with Gaia, the plants and trees, the microbes in the soil, the animals, birds and People who live and depend on her. The journey through reading braiding Sweetgrass, has reminded me of my own gifts and the gifts I choose to share with the world. It reminds me that gifts are washed beautifully and mindfully in movement. Gifts are to be Received and shared over and over like a magical never ending connection between one another and the land.

    Reciprocity is a sacred act. Reciprocity must be the foundation of every choice, action, conversation and impulse that we indulge in. Without it, we are left without trust and a deep embedded sense of violence against self, other and Gaia . It is not in accordance with indigenous Wisdom.


    Braiding Sweetgrass has provided me with a sacred and connected lens through which to view my world. It has provided a large enough context of this dance I’m in and how I choose my steps. It is an integration of science and spirituality ,the past and the future and Self and other.


    I am choosing to Use this book as a metaphor and delicious nourishment to infuse the rebirth of who I am becoming. The journey through this book is a journey through myself and the natural world around me. It shows me my relation to all else that lives. I have come to know life and death differently and discover the gracefulness That can exist between the two.


    Come and play in the ceremony of reading this book. Know and discover ceremony as a journey to SELF Infused with the sacred.

    Raina's Invitation

    For me, Braiding Sweetgrass is a lyrical, healing gift. It is a powerful source of support as I journey to see my white immigrant lineage, own my priviledge and reclaim an ancient knowing - that I am an essential part of this interdependent web of life. We all are.


    As a spiritual being consciously choosing to step out of the deadly mainstream current of our times; as a woman waking from cultural impositions, arriving in the cycle of the Moon; and as a mother organically holding space for our children to cultivate respectful relations with Self, others, Gaia and the unseen... I invite YOU into this experience. If your soul is calling to curl up with Braiding Sweetgrass this winter and engage in your own evolution through intentional community conversation, this is for you.


  • Most inspiring media

    This is a running log of those videos and pictures I experience and shoot that move and inspire me.Enjoy!

    SOULfully Sustainable Radio September 17th

    Gina Primavera of Love your Guts and I chat about making sustainable lunches sustainably....without losing our minds!

    SOULfully Sustainable Radio show

    June 18th in Nova Scotia with my dear Friend Raina McDonald Of R&R handmade.Lifting the conversation of sustainability and regeneration. This is definitely worth a warm cuppa tea and a listen.

    SOULfully Sustainable Radio Show

     Monday may 28 #SOULfullysustainableradioshow Had a very special guest on today. Local singer songwriter, Gabriel ThaineJoined me in studio for a lovely conversation about sustainability and community and the arts. He played live tracks from his new album and provided an overall fun experience.

    Magic Mondays

    Bobbi and Mandy as they engage their worlds awakened mothers, partners, sisters, business women, and visionaries for the new culture. Each week we will gather and share what has been in our awareness. Please watch for us on Facebook.


    The most astounding fact: Neil De Grasse Tyson

    From the moment I first watched this video, I knew something MORE. I felt the ancient awakening of star dust inside of me. I will come back to this video often as it offers a reminder of the paradigm I choose to live in.

    My Carbon Hunters

    One of the most important chores that I do in the fall is capture all of the wasted "carbon" in my area ( leaves, straw, grass clippings, fall pruned wood chips). This resource is essential for my gardens and composting efforts during the winter. The additional Carbon added back into the SOIL of my garden provides habitat, food, microbes and structure. The carbon also assures me that my compost will stay at the regulated heat in order to kill pathogens,disease and weed seed.

    A New story of People

    Charles Eisenstein

    "Everything we do to this world, we do to ourselves."



  • So.....What do I do?


    These are Some of the folks you may find me in collaboration with.

    R&R handmade

    Raina Mcdonald and Ruben Irons, Collaboration as a way of being

    We are Raina + Ruben. We met as deckhands on a tall ship bound for Antarctica, returned to Canadian soil after our high sea adventure and began weaving together a life and family in the backwoods of Nova Scotia. Here we share our journey of creative, intentional living – connected to the land, our food, our art and a vibrant, evolving community. Thanks for stopping in. A warm welcome to you!

    Nancy Hanlon

    Movement as a way of Being

    Nancy wakes each day knowing herself as a visionary choosing to invite and allow the Alchemy required for the Great Shift in Humanity. She lives fully in her authenticity, unbound passion, and love of life

    Wel-Systems Intitute

    Lives transforming, Worlds emerging

    The WEL-Systems Institute is at the core of an evolving global collective; built on the strength of the individuality of its participants and a desire to further evolve in the company of others on a similar journey of discovery.

    When we created WEL-Systems® in 1990, we had no idea how quickly it would grow and evolve; and how profoundly people's lives would be renewed, enriched and revitalized because of it. Today, we are pleased and honored to know that we are leaders in the global movement for human evolution with the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge as the preferred gateway for the acceleration longed for and required in our world, at this time

    The WEL-Systems body of knowledge is a startlingly powerful and compelling invitation to become a living expression of the transformation yearned for, by so many.

    Deb Ozarko

    Passion, Presence Purpose

    Passion, presence, truth, purpose … life. This is why we’re here—in this one body at this time in history. We are meant to be alive, awake, wild, untamed, free and activated! Anything less is an existence, not a life.

    As a passionate activist for animals, the Earth and accelerated cultural evolution, I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring that there are no wasted moments. This has taught me the delicate balance between being and doing.

    My mission is to create a movement of cultural revolutionaries who celebrate their birthright: simplicity, passion, kindness, creativity, authentic expression, and a purpose-driven life outside of the stifling confines of today’s dysfunctional, distracted … and less face it, insane cultural mindset. By shifting the paradigm from head to heart we can collectively co-create a more passionate, compassionate, loving, and interconnected world that excludes no living being.

    Goddess Inc

    Red Tents for all stages of "womaness"

    Goddess Inc focuses on bringing women together: building Community. Goddess Inc offers an ongoing women's circle, synced to the moon cycles, providing love, support, unity, and sisterhood. Women in circle are encouraged to find alignment within themselves, come back into their bodies, follow their intuition and connect with the cyclical nature of the Earth. This circle is based on multicultural traditions through the ages; it is suitable for all women.
    Circles can include meditation, activities based on creativity and/or education, sharing and connecting.
    There will be a circle for girls focused on coming of age, knowing their bodies, living their truth and building their intuition.

    Bodhi N Soul Photography

    Intuitive Photography

    Christina from Bodhi N Soul Photography is an intuitive and deeply skilled photographer. Bodhi N Soul photography is Christina's newest incarnation. Focussed on the matriarchal and Goddess"ness" of women, Christina has a unique and exquisite ability to capture both the physical body as well as the essence of BEING. Christina will stun you with her end results but will profoundly change your life after you share time with her in this new and intuitive way to express "photography".

    True Nancy

    Something to say photography, a true renaissance woman

     Photography to me

    ...is not only for revisiting moments in time

    Photography is physical, it's a workout, it's playful, fun

    Photography to me is an invitation to TRUE SELF expression
    ...on both sides of the lense!

    Melissa Peers

    Red Tent, ancient expression and redefinition of "motherhood"

    passionate mother of two amazing boys who have been my biggest invitations to explore more of who I am. Although most days I feel like I am just winging it, I now trust that it will all unfold exactly as it should. And from there I will continue to create my holographic universe in a way that is necessary for my SELF and the expression of my being to evolve into who I was meant to be in this world. My hopes are that this blog will help move me further along in that direction.

    Deb Gleason

    Eat from LOVE and LOVE what you Eat

    I guess the first thing to know about me is that one of the things I love most is to empower others to jump into the world of vegan living with a smile on their face, joy in their heart and a full and happy belly.

    I have been enjoying a vegan lifestyle for the past 15 years and along the way I have learned so much about how to shop, how to make delicious and nourishing meals, how to socialize and happily attend non-vegan functions, how to travel in a world where veganism is still catching on and how to tap into the joy I feel when I stop and realize that my daily choices are having no negative impact on animals, a reduced impact on the earth and a dramatically positive impact on my body. I am excited to have a place to share all of this experience with you so you feel empowered for your own journey into clean plant-based living.

  • Is Blogcast a word?

    My playground of thought, growth, expansion and AGITATION.

    Sometimes its a BLOG and sometimes its a PODCAST.

    November 29, 2018
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