• SOUL-fully SOIL

  • Who I AM....now

    Organic, non linear and ever changing experience of WHO I AM...

    Mandy Sandbach

    I AM a steward, student and Lover of

    SOIL: Sacred Organic Interconnected Life

    I AM a living expression of Intuitive Permaculture

    I AM a Visionary and edge worker

    I AM a WILD midwife of diversity for the New humanity


    This page is to launch my new adventure of SOUL fully SOIL. I have spent the last two years without a sense of how to best express permaculture as I "Do" it. I have experienced all kinds of permaculture design methods, practices and philosophies and none have felt fully ME.

    SOUL fully SOIL is more than a typical Permaculture service. It is a reflection of the gifts and abilities that I AM as an awakened visionary who knows herself to be an aspect of Gaia (mother earth).

    My "business" model is based solely on who I AM and what I am lit up in doing. My passion and gift is growing SOIL. SOIL as Sacred Organic Interconnected Life.

    All LIFE on this planet is dependant upon the diversity and non separation of each part of an eco system. The more connections, the stronger the eco system is. The more diverse and varied the occupants of the eco system are, the more resilient and anti fragile the system is.

    SOIL is the most beautiful metaphor for how I see my world. All species living and thriving with each other closely. There is abundance, growth and resiliency for everyone when we each embrace and foster our own unique skills and passions. An earth worm acts and does as an earthworm does. A Nematode acts and does as a Nematode does. A butterfly, bacteria, fungi etc...When are you most lit up?

    SOUL fully SOIL is an invitation to look at the resiliency, growth, regeneration, and collaboration, with our original "mother", Gaia (Planet earth), with a connected and sacred lens. When we see Gaia through a connected and non separate lens, we start to see patterns, behaviours, and strategies that become our answers for these troubling times and environmental issues.

    Everything that the "earth" is and does is perfect. There are NO exceptions to this. It is my belief that when I embrace the SOIL as it is part of my own BEING, I act with her best interests at heart and this offers the three basic "rules" of permaculture: earth care, people care, fair share.

    I am here to create beautiful collaborative designs that Re connect both the land and the communities of people/species who live on it. I am the invitation for potent, necessary conversation and exploration around Urban Farming, reciprocal use of resources, and the renewal of ancient wisdom and accelerated consciousness. I hear the call to Re-wild and re-connect the experience of regenerative food systems, perpetual growth of SOIL, and the blossoming of diversity.

    Day to Day this "business" model will look different. I may plan and execute the building of a community garden, co-create a herb spiral/ yoga workshop, plant a food forrest, upkeep a local food bank garden, travel to Hawaii to engage is sacred water ceremony, partake in a sweat lodge, host women's gatherings, collaborate on a Skype call with the Rural Consciousness Project, or choose to garden with my neighbours. Regardless of the task, the intention and underlying gift is SOUL fully SOIL. I am present, mindful and engaging with others who are called to create a New World thru the expansion of SOIL ( Sacred Organic Interconnected Life).

    Fuzzy "money" and "hours of operation" details..


    If you are called to collaborate or would like just a bit more clarity about what I will or won't "do", please feel free to connect with me at the bottom of the page. I understand that this may seem a little unclear and a-typical of other "business's" but I am willing to create, co-create, host, hold space for, engage in, consult with....anything that moves me.


    You will not find direct fees and a clear time table for hours of operation here... A moving changing force creates her own schedule and prices based on reciprocity. There will always be those who wish to "write a cheque" and that is wonderful, but I believe strongly in a gift economy and am looking for a deeper and more meaningful experience of "money". So, prices and fees will always vary depending on each individual experience and are ALWAYS open for honest and connected conversation.


    Some of what I have created in the past looks like this: Herb Spiral building, compost, mulching, water saving techniques, tea drying/blending workshops, permaculture as a way of BEing conversation, renaissance women, Rural Consciousness Project gatherings, Regeneration of SOUL and SOIL experience, full and New Moon Red Tents, Gluten and Dairy Free cooking classes, Clean eating and cleansing cooking classes, Canning and food preservation classes and community work B's


    So..Call me, email me, message me, instagram me a picture, come to my home.....whatever....just connect soon.



    Mandy Sandbach

    a mother, partner, permaculturist, Steward and lover of SOIL, colon hydrotherapist, reflexologist, gardener,farmer, Re WILDER, supporter of community gardens and awakened community

  • SOULfully Handmade Home Parties

    Are you in need of a unique experience focussed on Handmade and DIY living? Do you have a team that needs help connecting? Is there a birthday or Stagette coming up and you want to create something magical? WELL... Mandy of SOULfully SOIL is now offering Lethbridge most UNIQUE party experience.

    Handmade Knowledge Sharing

    Intimate and community orientated space

    Mandy of SOULfully SOIL is offering to come to your home and create a DIY Handmade workshop and knowledge sharing for your next team building, stagette, kids party, or friends night out. Mandy, of SOULfully SOIL, has been playing in the world of handmade lifestyle for many years and through her experience and learnings has perfected the art of a handmade, DIY, canning, pickling, jamming, tea making, homemade personal care products and simple herbal remedies lifestyle. There is an extensive list of skills to be shared for an evening of fun, curiosity and play. These skills and techniques have been lost in a modern world and they are best shared in community. What better way to share time with your family and friends than to learn and hand-make items right in your own home/kitchen.


    Each workshop will be approximately1.5- 2 hours. Mandy will walk you through a group experience in learning the “how to” and “why” of each skill. Mandy will teach you how these skills equate to your every day life and can be melded easily into your family routines and rituals. Each class will offer a hands on component and participants will see each skill demonstrated live. Each participant will go home with a sample of the end product created. This will certainly lead to an intimate, yummy and fun way to learn!


    *** New offering is to do these workshops in an online forum. Due to the nature of the world isolation protocols, Mandy will be offering private online workshops. There can be as many as 10 people per workshop and the fee will be $100. ***


    Workshops offered:(In person or Online)


    Beeswax wraps

    Infused Body oil Foot and body Scrub

    Lip balm and Hand Salve

    Fire Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar

    Elderberry syrup and other Immune support tonics

    Herb Drying and Tea Making

    Infused Herbal Salts and vinegars


    Basic Pickling (beets or cucumbers)

    Sauce it up ( Pear, Apple, and Nectarine Fruit Sauces)

    Zero Waste Starter kits

    Homemade Spice creations ( taco, curry, Italian seasoning)

    Homemade Household Cleaners

    Energy Ball creations

    Gluten/Dairy free Soup, Stews and Curries

    Salsa Making

    Sauerkraut and other friendly ferments

    Kombucha Making

    Raw chocolate




    In class and take home class fees are $200 per class/ topic maximum 8 people per class. Each participant will go home with a sample of the creations. All supplies, fees, materials, and information sharing is covered in this fee. Can accommodate more people with some notice and price adjustment of $20 per person to account for supplies. You can rest assured that all supplies and materials are sourced locally and fair trade wherever and whenever possible. Most often, the herbs and food items used are grown, harvested, dried and cured by Mandy herself. The focus of all SOULfully SOILS events are zero waste and reduced impact for our planet so you can rest assured that these workshops are sustainable on every level. Fees for the workshop must be paid at the time of booking and are non refundable less than 2 weeks prior to the date of the class

  • Mandy Sandbach of SOUL fully SOIL and Steve Olsen, have been Permaculture Design students for a number of years and as such, have had the opportunity to practice and fine-tune our expression of permaculture and regenerative living. We would like to share our experiences with you by offering a 6-month hands-on, permaculture infused knowledge and skill sharing mentorship where we will walk you through your personal journey of engaging and creating within the context of permaculture and regenerative living. These skills and information will apply not only to aspects of growing food in a sustainable way but also in your private and professional lives, while creating community.

    Do you want to learn to grow your own food in a sustainable way? Do you want to create a resilient lifestyle free from the turmoil and uncertainty of the world? Do you want to learn the hands-on skills required to create long lasting abundant systems? Do you want to enhance your knowledge in the areas of food production, harvesting and preparing? Do you want to ensure that your growing spaces are drought proof? Do you want to decrease your footprint on this planet while growing strong and anti-fragile communities? This is the support for your journey. Permaculture is not something that we “do” but rather an exploration of ways of being and creating alignments with all who live on the planet in a regenerative way.


    Through bi-monthly, online gatherings, we will be offering a REAL life REAL hands-on way to practice life through the lens of permaculture. As participants move thru summer and into fall, they will receive daily, weekly and monthly support in the form of online gatherings, question and answer sessions, one-on-one consultations, virtual or in person tours of existing permaculture inspired properties, community sharing, links, books, and other online resources to support their journey.


    This 6 month comprehensive permaculture mentorship will become your opportunity to empower yourself to live a new world. Increase your hands-on skills and knowledge in the following areas: self- and community sufficiency, how to grow your own abundant food system, how to utilize the food grown, how to utilize specific permaculture techniques to harvest water, reduce SOIL erosion, increase SOIL health, build healthy ecosystems where pollinators, beneficial insects and birds flourish, how to compost and use your waste efficiently, how to save your own seeds, and much much more...


    In addition to the LIVE online bi monthly gatherings, participants will have access to a private Facebook Page designed specifically for participants sharing. Gatherings will be recorded for anyone who can’t make it to the live events, and participants will leave this journey with numerous resources via PDF, links, book lists, and many other local resources applicable to southern Alberta.


    What you will receive with your registration:


    * June -November 2020 6 month personal permaculture mentorship

    * Bi Monthly Online Zoom calls approx. 2 hours each

    * Private Facebook Page for ongoing discussion at any time

    * 2 hour private consultation with Mandy and Steve

    * PDF, online, links, books and resources shared

    * Virtual or in person tours of local permaculture inspired and regenerative properties

    * Access to all recorded gatherings for the 6 months

    * FREE entrance to the Intro To Permaculture 2 day series on June 7th & 10th, 2020

    * FREE entrance to 2 additional workshops offered by Mandy and Steve (some limitations)

    * A HUGE sense of empowerment to go forward with the skills and knowledge required in this changing world.


    Fees for the 6 month online Permaculture Personal Mentorship (PPM) are as follows:


    Early worms Paid up front and in full by May 24th $600


    Paid in Full May 24th- June 5th $650


    Paid in instalments: Due at time of registration prior to June 5th $235, July 5th $235, August 5th $235


    When your payment is received, you are registered and will be contacted with further information and details.


    You can register by contacting Mandy at soulfullysoil@gmail.com or Steve at 84.steve@gmail.com


    Email Transfers Can Be done by sending payment to soulfullysoil@gmail.com


    We have been able to keep our costs lower for this offering due to the online nature of contact. We believe that this mentorship journey should be accessible to everyone. Given the current global situation, Mandy and Steve are open to further discussion in regards to the financial accessibility of this mentorship journey. We subscribe to a gift economy mentality and are always open to creating different forms of reciprocity. If you would like to open this dialogue, please feel free to reach out.


  • Village Buzz

    Locally and Globally hosted Events, workshops, gatherings, perma BLITZ's, webinars, videos and general PLAY can be found here...

    SOULfully Sustainable Sharing Sundays Fall Series

    Pre recorded videos on 8 topics released to your inbox each Sunday from November 1-December 20th, 2020

    Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully SOIL has created an EASY and informative way to share the wisdom and skills of basic medicine, health tonic, immune support, and chocolate making right in the comfort of your own home....at your own leisure.

    With COVID creating more and more barriers to being in person the ways we did only a year ago... Mandy has created an opportunity to still learn in community these tried and true methods of a handmade life.


    This is an ONLINE workshops series that runs for 8 Weeks.


    Walk through the process of learning :


    DIY Fire Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar


    Elderberry and other Immune Support

    Sauerkraut and other Ferments

    DIY Herbal Honey, vinegar, and Oil Infusions

    Basic Healing Salve making

    How to Make your own Kombucha

    Making Raw Chocolate

    Elixir Crafting with the Magic of Plants and mushrooms


    This workshop series will be an ONLINE pre-recorded workshop videos released every Sunday Morning for 8 weeks From November 1-December 20th..


    Participants will be able to watch the videos at their leisure within one month of release. (longer if requested) Questions and follow up information can be done directly with Mandy at any time.


    Registration and payments must be done in advance. Cash/e-

    transfer payments can be made by emailing Mandy Sandbach at soulfullysoil@gmail.com or calling 403-894-4711 or credit card payments can be made online www.soulfullysoil.ca


    Refunds will not be issued after payment is received but you can transfer the workshop entrance fee to another person in the case of a cancellation.


    This is a workshop series and is sold as such. The series early bird fee is $110 if purchased before October 28th and after October 28th will be $120. Individual class fees are $25 per class

    SOULfully Sustainable Knowledge Share : ZERO WASTE series of Make/Blend your own

    Wednesdays 630 pm start


    Please Join Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully SOIL and hosts, Purple Carrot Health Food and Wellness for another exciting Fall/Winter series teachings with the focus on ZERO WASTE DIY Make/Blend


    Each month, Mandy will walk you through a specific skill designed to support your Zero waste journey in a holistic and practical. skill based way.


    All classes are a "take" home make and take style class and will start at 630 pm.


    All classes will be held in person at Purple Carrot Health food and wellness located at 1243 2 Avenue South in Lethbridge Alberta


    Registration and payments must be done in advance.

    Cash/e-transfer payments can be made by emailing Mandy Sandbach at soulfullysoil@gmail.com or calling 403-894-4711, Online payments at www.soulfullysoil.ca 


    Refunds will not be issued after payment is received but you can transfer the workshop entrance fee to another person in the case of a cancellation.


    Each class is a suggested minimum payment of $40 per person or $190 if paid in full for all classes up front. COVID policies are in place for the in-person classes.


    Masks will be worn when required. and if in person is not permitted, these classes will move to an online format.

    SOULfully Sustainable Radio Show

    *** radio show has been paused for revamping*** See current VLOG Cast below

    Lethbridge's First Sustainably focussed Radio Show. I will be in studio each Monday playing around in the world of "Sustainability" and regeneration.


    I will look at Local initiatives, people, organizations and businesses right here in Southern Alberta and how they are moving towards a more sustainable future. I will invite those folks doing amazing things here in Lethbridge to come and share their "expertise" and passion to inspire, educate and connect.


    Each week we will take a Mindful and SOULfull look at our world and our role in it. How we can create more meaningful relationships, business, organizations and communities. Inclusive of, but beyond only "sustainable techniques" we will focus on the journeys to create a regenerative world.


    If you have something to add to the show or are creating amazing sustainable traction here in Southern Alberta, please be sure to connect with me directly soulfullysoil@gmail.com

  • SOULfully Mark and Mandy

    So often I find my greatest teacher in the bed next to me or cleaning the chicken coop or slinging manure with me in the garden. His name is Mark...my chosen partner and the one that I walk next to in the crazy reality. We are always in the "thick of it" and always willing to stay with it in the most real and authentic way. Here is our gift to you.......our complete uncertainty and unknowing of what we are doing!!


    ***This section is being re created...bare with us***

  • Regeneration of SOUL and SOIL

    This section is the SACRED and INTIMATE space where Mandy and Raina explore and share in community their adventures in this luscious healing space called EARTH. Watch for upcoming events...

    Mandy's invitation

    “It was through her actions of reciprocity, the give and take with the land, that the original immigrant became indigenous. For all of us, becoming indigenous to a place means living as if your children’s future mattered, to take care of the land as if our lives, both material and spiritual, depended on it.” Robin Wall Kimmerer

    As we traverse through this time of reconciliation and coming to integrate our past, no matter how Traumatic… We must re-envision, redefine and re-create our relationship to the land and all indigenous peoples. Braiding Sweetgrass is a beautiful journey of a deeper connection with Gaia, the plants and trees, the microbes in the soil, the animals, birds and People who live and depend on her. The journey through reading braiding Sweetgrass, has reminded me of my own gifts and the gifts I choose to share with the world. It reminds me that gifts are washed beautifully and mindfully in movement. Gifts are to be Received and shared over and over like a magical never ending connection between one another and the land.

    Reciprocity is a sacred act. Reciprocity must be the foundation of every choice, action, conversation and impulse that we indulge in. Without it, we are left without trust and a deep embedded sense of violence against self, other and Gaia . It is not in accordance with indigenous Wisdom.


    Braiding Sweetgrass has provided me with a sacred and connected lens through which to view my world. It has provided a large enough context of this dance I’m in and how I choose my steps. It is an integration of science and spirituality ,the past and the future and Self and other.


    I am choosing to Use this book as a metaphor and delicious nourishment to infuse the rebirth of who I am becoming. The journey through this book is a journey through myself and the natural world around me. It shows me my relation to all else that lives. I have come to know life and death differently and discover the gracefulness That can exist between the two.


    Come and play in the ceremony of reading this book. Know and discover ceremony as a journey to SELF Infused with the sacred.

    Raina's Invitation

    For me, Braiding Sweetgrass is a lyrical, healing gift. It is a powerful source of support as I journey to see my white immigrant lineage, own my priviledge and reclaim an ancient knowing - that I am an essential part of this interdependent web of life. We all are.


    As a spiritual being consciously choosing to step out of the deadly mainstream current of our times; as a woman waking from cultural impositions, arriving in the cycle of the Moon; and as a mother organically holding space for our children to cultivate respectful relations with Self, others, Gaia and the unseen... I invite YOU into this experience. If your soul is calling to curl up with Braiding Sweetgrass this winter and engage in your own evolution through intentional community conversation, this is for you.


  • Most inspiring media

    This is a running log of those videos and pictures I experience and shoot that move and inspire me.Enjoy!

    Our story of POOP!

    Gina Primavera and Mandy Sandbach delve deep deep into the world of POOP! Yup, I said it.... Gina ( a Poop coach) and Mandy a Poop supporter..... chat all things bowels. How they work , how they relate to our health and well being...how they are metaphors for the realities that we are creating for ourSELVES!



    Living the Gift

    Kathy Knowles and Mandy Sandbach have a clear and sacred discussion about how we are living and learning to BE the gift in our own worlds. We are redefining abundance, giving, receiving and in the process discovering that "better world our hearts know is possible"


    Magic Mondays

    Bobbi and Mandy as they engage their worlds awakened mothers, partners, sisters, business women, and visionaries for the new culture. Each week we will gather and share what has been in our awareness. Please watch for us on Facebook.


    The most astounding fact: Neil De Grasse Tyson

    From the moment I first watched this video, I knew something MORE. I felt the ancient awakening of star dust inside of me. I will come back to this video often as it offers a reminder of the paradigm I choose to live in.

    A New story of People

    Charles Eisenstein

    "Everything we do to this world, we do to ourselves."



  • So.....What do I do?


    These are Some of the folks you may find me in collaboration with.

    R&R handmade

    Raina Mcdonald and Ruben Irons, Collaboration as a way of being

    We are Raina + Ruben. We met as deckhands on a tall ship bound for Antarctica, returned to Canadian soil after our high sea adventure and began weaving together a life and family in the backwoods of Nova Scotia. Here we share our journey of creative, intentional living – connected to the land, our food, our art and a vibrant, evolving community. Thanks for stopping in. A warm welcome to you!

    Bobbi Farrell of Healing Evolution

     Goddess Inc is a grassroots healing journey within. You will be guided back towards Self. Offering Red Tents, Reiki, Transformational Healing and internally referenced living and more.

    Healing Evolution is about Bobbi's journey and her vocation. You will be guided back towards Self. She offers Transformational Healing (Reiki, Shamanism, Thermography and Lifestyle Prescriptions®), internally referenced living, community gatherings and more.

    Wel-Systems Intitute

    Lives transforming, Worlds emerging

    The WEL-Systems Institute is at the core of an evolving global collective; built on the strength of the individuality of its participants and a desire to further evolve in the company of others on a similar journey of discovery.

    When we created WEL-Systems® in 1990, we had no idea how quickly it would grow and evolve; and how profoundly people's lives would be renewed, enriched and revitalized because of it. Today, we are pleased and honored to know that we are leaders in the global movement for human evolution with the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge as the preferred gateway for the acceleration longed for and required in our world, at this time

    The WEL-Systems body of knowledge is a startlingly powerful and compelling invitation to become a living expression of the transformation yearned for, by so many.

     Be Yourself and tell your truth

     Naomi Irons is a Professional Massage Therapist, Birth Doula, Certified Yoga Instructor and CODE Model Coach

    She is based out of beautiful Hawaii, where she loves to nurture and be nurtured by ideas, space for healing, art, curiosity, experiences with others, nature, raising kids and much much more. She left behind a routine lifestyle to create a Life of learning and meaningful experiences with her family and community that looks different each and every day.

    Her fascination and passion for wellness began in her Massage Therapy training and continued as she pursued her yoga and doula certification. Needing to put more of the pieces together for herself and her clients, Naomi began her own journey home to her authentic self through the paradigm altering WEL-Systems Institute® where she became a CODE Model Coach, a guide and catalyst for intimate and meaningful personal growth.

    Naomi’s background is vast and pieces together a mind, body and spirit connection through a rich tapestry of education and life experiences. Some messy, some graceful, they have all lead to greater self-wisdom and knowing, that can be invited in others in life enhancing ways. A journey that never ends, it only seems to get bigger and more joyous by the day.


    Nancy Hanlon

    Movement as a way of Being

    Nancy wakes each day knowing herself as a visionary choosing to invite and allow the Alchemy required for the Great Shift in Humanity. She lives fully in her authenticity, unbound passion, and love of life

    Eat from LOVE and LOVE what you Eat

     The joy I feel when I realize that my daily choices have no negative impact on animals, a reduced impact on the earth and a dramatically positive impact on my body. I’ve written and published two vegan cookbooks and a number of virtual products that can empower you on your own journey into clean plant-based living.

    The years have flown by — filled with cooking classes, group coaching programs and corporate workshops — and every second has been a true joy. Now I also find joy and meaning in designing and running programs for women, creating opportunities for them to explore their personal evolution.

    When I am not working with amazing human beings or creating delicious new things in the kitchen, I am out hiking the beautiful trails of British Columbia.

  • Is Blogcast a word?

    My playground of thought, growth, expansion and AGITATION.

    Sometimes its a BLOG and sometimes its a PODCAST.

  • Connect With me

    Here are a few of the places you can find me


    Phone 1-403-894-4711


  • Order online SOULfully SOIL

    You can pay for workshops/experiences online with Pay Pal

    Ongoing Permaculture Mentorship and Support 1 on 1
    Ongoing Permaculture Mentorship and Support 1 on 1
    106.00 - 515.00
    This would be an ongoing 1 on 1 permaculture Mentorship and ongoing support with Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully SOIL learning more about permaculture and how to create a more sustainable life. We would spend 2 hours per month together in relevant and timely knowledge and hands on skills sharing with each other. Mandy will offer a unique and personally designed program for your individual needs and curiosities. There will be bonus material outside of your 2 personal hours with her as required. There will be a $6-15 pay pal fee added to your payment for all online purchases
    Coming soon
    SOULfully Sustainable Sharing Sundays full series
    SOULfully Sustainable Sharing Sundays full series
    26.50 - 125.00
    SOULfully Sustainable Sharing Sundays series payment for ONLINE recordings sent to your mailbox each Sunday for 8 Sundays Starting November 1st running thru December 20th.You can e transfer fee to soulfullysoil@gmail.com and avoid the processing fee or pay here. Early bird payment until October 28th $110.00 for all 8 classes, Regular rate after October 28th $120.00 and individual classes fee $25 per class + fees
    Coming soon
    Personal Consultation with Mandy
    Personal Consultation with Mandy
    126.00 - 226.00
    This is a pre paid personal consultation in the realms of sustainable gardening, permaculture design, clean eating tips, Canning and food preservation, fermentation lessons, gluten/dairy free cooking
    At the end of the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive E document outlining our consultation with references, supporting information, pod cast, you tube videos etc.. to support our time together. Consultation time includes time to create e-document
    There is a $6 fee pay pal option. You can avoid the additional fee by e transferring your payment to soulfullysoil@gmail.com
    Coming soon
  • Social media Unfolding

    Here is the real time expression of SOUL-fully SOIL as it unfolds, enjoy!

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